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Penguin Engineers is a celebrated brand in the Packaging and Hose Wrapping domains. The prominence we give to the customer’s needs and specifics enables us to exceed their expectations and enhance our credibility. Penguin Engineers is a leader in Packaging with its expertise developed through three decades, addressing and customizing packaging solutions for a number of industries. The Hose wrapping, hose knitting and other special purpose machines prove our passion towards innovation and engineering.

Penguin is the best choice when a balance has to be given for safety of the product, cost effectiveness, quality, quick ROI, automations required, rugged equipment, stronger processes, flexibility, customized product, heavy duty components, lesser consumables, brand promoting presentation, easy operation, simple maintenance and innovative solutions for every specific requirement.

Our team of engineers and managers are trained in various national and international forums to keenly choose the best practices for production and manufacturing which are both quality oriented and cost effective. Penguin Machines are manufactured with utmost quality and with most effective pricing. The balanced mix of indigenous choice and global technology ensures the best quality and at nominal price. Penguin transfers this benefit to the customers in providing an affordable, hi-quality, authentic solution for their needs.

A number of customizations, consultation and installation to the perfect need of the customer has been ensured by Penguin every time. This has resulted in a wide array of machinery models that includes pallet stretch wrapper, fabric roll wrapper, box stretch wrapper, coil wrapper, reel wrapper, hose wrap / unwrap machine, hose knitting machine, hose braiding machine, wire braider, yarn braider, take-up, let-off, hose building machine, to name a few.

The Penguin machines ensure both functional and aesthetic satisfaction in packaging, as vouched by our thousands of present customers. Penguin Engineers celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the year 2015 honouring its customers, promoters and other stakeholders, promising to walk along for further years of innovation and development.

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