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Values at Penguin Engineers

Penguin Engineers adheres with core values that align with Customer Delight, Integrity, Quality, Leadership & Innovation and Teamwork.

Customer First Penguin is a customer driven company from where we get the motivation and passion for innovation. We strongly believe in the quote “Customer Satisfaction is the best business strategy of all”. We strive to meet our customer needs to our best possible.

IntegrityWe make sure of what we accept to do right from the genesis of our contract and we pledge to deliver it perfectly. Transparency and honesty are important value systems that has rooted strongly in us.

Excellence in Quality We are passionate about Quality and Excellence in the manufacture of each and every product that emerges out of Penguin. Meeting international standards with indigenous development is our doctrine.

Leadership and Innovation We lead as we initiate and pioneer in developing the critical requirements of our customers and tread through challenges, opportunities and confrontations, successfully.

Teamwork Our people are our assets! Mutual trust and the intrinsic collaboraion among members of the Penguin family has led us to venture into external collaboration with our customers, partners and other business associates.


To emerge as the most favoured world-class brand in machinery manufacturing, through innovation, integrity and inspired people.


To impart outstanding service and support to our clients; to promptly deliver products of superior quality with state-of-the-art technology; to maintain and build our reputation and brand image globally and ensure profitability to all our stakeholders.

About Penguin Engineers

Penguin Engineers is a dynamic multi faceted group engaged in providing engineering solutions in the fields of Textile, Packaging and Rubber Industries. This company is headed by Mr. Ramasamy Kalaimani and is located in Coimbatore, India.

Penguin Engineers is a renowned Leader in the world of Packaging. The company is known for its reputation and eminence in Stretch Wrap solutions and Hydraulic Hose production machinery comprising a number of innovative and special purpose designs that cater to the specific needs of customers. With three decades of solid experience and expertise in the field, Penguin products provide top-of-the-line solutions for both Indian and global companies, endearing itself to its customers as a dependable manufacturer of industrially advanced packaging systems. Penguin have installed its products in more than 1000 organisations in India and in more than 40 countries across the globe in the past 30 years.

Penguin Engineers had a humble beginning way back in 1991 as a customer driven organisation and has proudly grown into an illustrious architect in the Packaging and Wrapping domains. Customer first is the policy of the company since its inception. The company is developed and grown to its present potential based on customers’ orders with the designs evolving purely from customers’ requirements and ideas! Penguin has felicitated a number of its first customers of its diverse products during its stupendous Silver Jubilee celebrations!

Penguin Engineers now leads the industry in the manufacture of Stretch Wrapping Machines comprising a wide range of models including pallet stretch wrapper, fabric roll wrapper, box stretch wrapper, coil wrapper, reel wrapper, and automized solutions in this sphere. Penguin also specialises in manufacturing Rubber Hose Machines. Hose Knitting Machines and a number of Special Purpose Machines as per the emerging and evolving requirements of customers are manufactured that includes hose wrap / unwrap machine, hose knitting machine, hose braiding machine, wire braider, yarn braider, take-up, pay-off, let-off and hose building machines.

Penguin machines are designed to the international standards and specifications and are built to guarantee high standards of performance, safety and reliability. Penguin after-sales service ensures that machine downtime is minimal and quick turnarounds are achieved in troubleshooting situations at customer locations.

Penguin strongly believes that its strength lies in its People which is its major asset. The different and evolving requirements of our customers were meticulously developed and successfully released with the strenuous and persistent efforts of our Penguin Team. Our technicians, engineers and management team members have been trained in leading training forums in India, Italy and Japan which places the competence of the company at par with global standards.

Our Joint Ventures

Italindia packplus for Shrink wrapping machines

ITALINDIA PACKPLUS PRIVATE LIMITED is a Joint Venture established between Penguin Engineers, Coimbatore, India and MacDue, Bologna, Italy in the year 2008. The primary aim of this JV is to create a world class organisation that specialises in manufacturing hi-quality Shrink Wrapping Machines collaborating the aptitudes of Italian Technology and Indian Manufacturing. This JV focuses on manufacturing and marketing the MacDue Shrink Wrapping machine in India and export them on behalf of MacDue to other countries as well. With MacDue bringing the International Standards Tech to the table and Penguin providing the manufacturing assets including modern machine shop facility and assembly hall, with a meticulous quality control section, this remarkable association was promoted to manufacture Shrink wrapping machine for world markets.

To Read more, Click here http://www.italindia.in

Storage silos

LORANDI SILOS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a Joint-Venture between Lorandi Silos, Italy and Penguin Engineers, India. This venture firmly believes in innovation and development and focuses on manufacturing Silos for solids and plastics. The knowledge base of the 65 year old Italian company with the technical expertise of Indian partner is a right match to provide state-of-the-art solution in the field of material handling and storage. We focus our efforts on conveying materials in the best possible way. Our technologies are the world class solution for moving materials around the factories in complete safety, economically and with great precision.

To Read more, Click here http://www.lorandisilos.in

Awards Received

pac machine award
PAC Machine Award 2002
EEPC export award
EEPC Star Performer Award 2005-06
EEPC export award 2006-07
EEPC Star Performer Award 2006-07
eepc star performer award
EEPC Star Performer Award 2010-11
eepc top exporter award
EEPC Top Exporter Award 2010-11
itamma export excellence award
ITAMMA Export Excellence Award 2011-12
eepc top export silver trophy 2014-15
EEPC Top Exporter Silver Trophy 2014-15
eepc top export gold trophy 2015-16
EEPC Top Exporter Gold Trophy 2015-16
eepc top export silver trophy 2016-17
EEPC Top Exporter Silver Trophy 2016-17
eepc top export silver trophy 2016-17
EEPC Export Excellence Trophy 2018-19
national productivity award by miniister
National Productivity Award; 1997-98
EEPC export award 2003-04
EEPC Export Award; 2003-04
fitei export award 2004-05
FITEI Export Award; 2004 - 2005
EEPC export award 2005-06
EEPC Export Award; 2005 - 2006
fitei export award 2006-07
FITEI Export Award; 2006 - 2007
iiie award
IIIE - Dr. S.R. Gollapudi Award; 2006 - 2007
EEPC export award 2006-07
EEPC Export Award 2006-2007
EEPC export award 2010-11
EEPC Top Exporter Award 2010-11
EEPC export award 2014-15
EEPC Top Exporter Award 2014-15
EEPC top export award 2015-16
EEPC Top Exporter Award 2015-16

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