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take-up for braiders

Take-up for Braiding Machine (Servo drive)

The Penguin Servo Braider Take - Up Machine is an attachment to braiding machine. It is required when hose is built on flexible mandrels. The inner layer of rubber lining is extruded on flexible mandrel and is coiled on to supply drums. These supply drum feeds out the hose into the braider. The hose with single or multiple layers of braid over is taken up by the take-up drum mounted on the take-up.

The take up is basically a winder that takes up the hose braided by the braiding machine. It also ensures that the hose is coiled with proper lay of hose on the drum.

Penguin precision hose Let-off, is engineered to ensure controlled unwinding to ensure precise control and user friendly operation of the hose. This is an operator friendly machine with host of features.


Drum diameter 1524 mm
Drum width at winding area 1310 mm
Diameter of center hole for clamping 67 mm
Line speed 0.5 - 4.0 m / min. (optionally you can give your requirement)
Max. pull on hose 500 N
Main drum axis drive Servo drive; 1.5 kW
Traverse drive Servo drive; 0.8 kW
Control PLC with operator interface for data entry
Lifting of drum 200mm dia. cylinder - 2nos.
Clamping 50mm dia. cylinder - 2nos.


  • Center - driven hose take-up winder.
  • Torque controlled servo drive and servomotor for precision control of torque.
  • High torque drive with helical gear reduction.
  • Pneumatic drum lifting and lowering of drum.
  • Pneumatic drum clamping
  • Sturdy tubular structure with provision to house control panel and traverse device.
  • Servo driven screw rod type precision traverse.
  • Caliper type disc brake for let-off system
  • Automated PLC controlled winder.
  • Operator interface to enter critical operational parameters.
  • Conveniently located push button station to operate the machine.
  • Electro pneumatic controls for clamping and lifting from the operator panel.
  • Option to operate under remote control from braider.
  • Rapid traverse to reposition the traverse head at start up.
  • Weld mesh safety enclosures with light curtains (Optional)


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