Horizontal Ring Wrapping Machine

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fabric roll wrapping machine

Penguin Profile Wrapping Machine- Model: RINGWRAP 1000
For packing door panels, profiles, pipes - at elevator door manufacturing.

fabric roll wrapping machine

Penguin Profile Wrapping Machine- Model: RINGWRAP 2500
For wide width sheets, boards, ply woods, doors ...at insulation manufacturing center.

Penguin Horizontal Ring Wrapper is an ideal packaging solution and well proven machine for packing lengthy products, using LLDPE stretch cling film, helically wrapped around the surface as the objects placed over the feed conveyor move towards the delivery conveyor.

Even 6 meter long objects, like precision - finished metallic shafts/tubes, rigid PVC pipes, aluminium and other sections, doors, bundles of cloth etc can be packed easily. Read more...


Rolls / Hour 50 - 200 meters / hour 50 - 500 meters / hour
Min. packing size 250 x 60 mm 2000 x 1000 mm
Max. packing size 650 x 150 mm 4300 x 2300 mm
Packing length 3000 mm 3000 mm
Ring diameter 1000 mm 2500 mm
Ring speed 35 rpm (max.) 25 rpm (max.)
Max. stretch 255% (Fixed) 255% (Fixed)
Drive Servo  
Installed power 2.0 kW 8.0 kW
Power supply 415V, Three phase, 50 Hz 415V, Three phase, 50 Hz
Number of rolls 2 1
Material LLDPE - Stretch film LLDPE - Stretch film
Film width 250 mm upto 500 mm
Film thickness 23 µ 23 µ
Core diameter 76 mm 76 mm
Maximum film diameter 200 mm

200 mm

    Features of the machine

  • Machine supplied for any length and cross-section of any product in singles / bundles
  • Overlap of film can be varied as desired
  • Variable speeds for conveyors and ring wrapper
  • Completely automatic cycle of operation - including holding the film initially and cutting the film finally
  • One stroke lubrication and very low maintenance requirements
  • Easy operation with the state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)


Ring Wrap 2500: 50 - 500 meters / hour
Ring Wrap 1000: 50 - 200 meters / hour


Aluminium profiles, metallic shafts / tubes, rigid PVC pipes, aluminium and other sections, doors, bundles of a number of cloth rolls etc.,

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Penguin RING WRAPPER is suitable for Industries manufacturing, even 6 meter-long Shafts, Pipes & Extrusions in Aluminium or other metals or P.V.C., which cannot be easily wrapped with protective wrappers manually due to their heavy weight & very lengthy nature. Using low installed power of 2 kW, this machine can stretch wrap the above items of various sizes in width & diameter, weighing even up to 200 / 300 Kgs. The type & size of Conveyor will depend on the nature & size of the product being stretch wrapped.

For economical consumption of the stretch film, the inbuilt pre-stretch unit stretches the LLDPE stretchable cling film mechanically before wrapping over the “products”. As the “products” are simultaneously moved over the feed / delivery conveyors, we get uniformly overlapped/ helically wound wrapping of the stretch film all over the surface of the “products”. This gives the “products” necessary protection from dust & moisture and ensures longer storage life at a much cheaper packing cost.

This machine can be easily integrated into conveyor lines to save considerable labour & time. When larger quantities of above products are required to be packed, or when new expansion projects are implemented, industries like above can install this machine and save enormously in packing cost, in labour cost, in time taken for packing, etc., and this machine will pay back its cost very soon.

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