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high speed hose knitting machine

Hose Knitting Machine - Continuous Process

Penguin Hose Knitting machine is used for knit-reinforced hoses used extensively in automobiles as radiator hoses and for similar low pressure applications.
This machine is characterized by high productivity, simplicity and excellent performance.
The knitting is done over the inner lining. The machine can be used with both cotton or rayon yarn. The knitting process is closely controlled to ensure a perfect knit structure that is built over the hose at suitable tensions. Thus high performance can be achieved from the end product. The machine is provided with ergonomically located controls and workspace. The centerline of the machine can be adjusted so that hoses of different diameter can be made to rest on the roller stands conveniently.
The machine operates with belt drive, with infinitely variable electric motor, which ensures quite running. The knitted layer provides excellent internal reinforcement and provides superior adhesion of the two rubber layers. Penguin hose knitting machine is highly recommended for automotive, rubber and ancillary industries.


Number of feeders 8
Yarn content / bobbin 5 kg max.
Maximum diameter of knitted hose 10 - 80 mm (other sizes optional)
Bobbin dimensions (Ø x L) 240 x 260 mm
Knitting module power 5 HP
Caterpillar power 1 HP
Interchangeable heads Optional
Head speed upto 400 rpm
Type of needle Crank type
Line speed Upto 20 m / min. (depending on pitch)
Knitted reinforcement Circular knitting type, plain stitch
Yarn type Dipped or un-dipped (Aramid, Polyester, Rayon)
Yarn package type Cross-wound on cylindrical standard bobbins type
Rubber types EPDM, NBR, NBR/PVC, CR, EACM, CSM, CPE .
Knitted hose types Radiator hoses, fuel hoses and other hoses
Power supply 380 - 440V, Three phase, 50 - 60 Hz
Electronic Control Siemens make PLC & 4” HMI
* Note: The line speed is depending on hose diameter, pitch / stitch size, rubber compound and viscosity, die resistance, max. allowed output temperature etc.


  • Suitable for low-medium pressure knitted hose
  • Minimum distortion from the manufacturing process
  • Photo sensor stop motion for yarn cut
  • Precision cams for efficient knitting
  • Large yarn capacity - Big bobbins
  • Variable speed drive
  • Precision pulling caterpillar
  • HMI - Multi function
  • Rope pulley for interchangeable Knitting head
  • Use of Economical and sturdy knitting needles
  • Front door opening protected with safety switch
  • Automatic PLC Control system
  • Pneumatic caliper brake
  • Dancer control

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